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o hai stephen fry

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Don't forget, chat tonight!
Anyone around for chat? C'mon, I know you're all dying to bitch about the fugly new profile page!

it's that magical time againnn...

Good evening, ladies and germs. I will be your chat mod for this week. Where are youse guise? Just IM solsticeviolet to get in. :D
Chat night! C'mon people, I know you're around here somewhere...
Everyone feel up for back to back chats? I'll start it when I see a few more people on. :)


Ok, people. I changed the layout to this one, temporarily. I couldn't stand looking at the broken one any longer, lol! We were still in S1, fer pete's sake! I had a plan for a custom layout, so I just need to do some tinkering to see if it will work.

On the other hand, if anyone wants to do a nice custom one, have at it! I think we can agree on something, yeah? Something that suits us/reflects us but isn't hard on the eyes. Especially if you're faster at it than I am. :D

ETA: And please, no David Hasselhoff. THAT MEANS YOU, JENN.


Chat's on whenever people start getting online. :)
Chat time. :) I'm already on so as soon as I see some other folks I'll make the room.