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There will be chat tonight!

Also also, since the Thursday night crowd has been lessening I thought I'd check again to see when people are most available. Now that I actually have internet and a semi-normal schedule again, I'm up for pretty much any night of the week.

Poll #1377119 Chat night

Best night for chat:

[21:12] Poultry Of Peril: You sure you aren't holding a baby in this picture?
[21:12] solsticeviolet: ROFL YES.
[21:12] ohbilleh: Uhmm. I am fairly allergic to babies, so Imma say no.
[21:12] Poultry Of Peril: JUST MAKING SURE OKAY.
[21:12] ohbilleh: LOL
[21:12] WhtLadyOfRohan21: eww, babies
[21:13] Poultry Of Peril: Ugh, I hate it when firefox freezes and starts being a douchebag.
[21:13] solsticeviolet: *eats babies*
[21:13] ohbilleh: Sean Astin eats babies.
[21:13] PntBallFreak95: has joined the chat
[21:13] pizazz pizazz: i love babies :[
[21:13] ohbilleh: .... on spikes.
[21:13] solsticeviolet: ROFL on spikes.
[21:13] PntBallFreak95: has left the chat
[21:13] WhtLadyOfRohan21: speaking of babies, I was reminded on a video from st. patrick's day that I took a dare of $40 to name my firstborn "Renesmee"
[21:13] solsticeviolet: O.o
[21:13] xtxvoodoox: babies are good
[21:13] WhtLadyOfRohan21: I dont even remember that
[21:13] xtxvoodoox: with cheese
[21:13] itoggle: lmao my boss suggested we go eat babies for lunch today
[21:13] ohbilleh: Lightly toasted.
[21:13] xtxvoodoox: or ketchup
[21:13] itoggle: randomyly
[21:13] solsticeviolet: LOL
[21:13] WhtLadyOfRohan21: babies are afraid of me
[21:13] solsticeviolet: in a light olive oil
[21:13] xtxvoodoox: Top Chef: Babies
[21:13] WhtLadyOfRohan21: because I'm the jolly green giant
[21:14] Poultry Of Peril: Are you listed with Southern?
[21:14] xtxvoodoox: with a reduction of balsamic
[21:14] ohbilleh: Yup.
[21:14] itoggle: fried in a hush puppie batter
[21:14] Poultry Of Peril: In Oklahoma, we put Ketchup on everything. Including babies.
[21:14] WhtLadyOfRohan21: eww
[21:14] itoggle: with ranch dipping sauce

This was too good not to share!

For a pleasant change the batshittery is not in Billy's fandom.

The tinhats appear to be having some sort of asshattery convention that I have only just heard about.

I thought you might all get a chuckle out of this, shinysparkly did good.

the banner quoteblock of d00m

You guys have been asking to read all the quotes in the new banner, so for extra hilarity for everyone I've decided to post the banner without the front layer "fandom chat". XD

prepare your spleen to be ostracized!Collapse )

new layout. (finally.)


YAY. I have insomnia, so I might as well be constructive, yes? XD

This layout took many incarnations before I finally settled on one (relatively simple) solution. The code is by the fabulous grrliz @ thefulcrum (Her Fog, Her Amphetamine, And Her Pearls, specifically).

I had ideas to do all kinds of nifty bulletin board manips with rotating banners or an animated GIF. But I decided that wasn't my strong suit. My strong suit is color, shape, and type. It's my comfort zone. And the text? Well, it's what we ARE. We are text; it's how we convey our friendship and companionship to one another. But it means so much more to those of us who have fully experienced this place and couldn't imagine their life without it. :D

I submit it to you, in the hope that the fresh appearance we will help us continue to breathe life into this place.

And by the way - all those quotes? They're all YOU, people. Every single one. I sat here, laughing my ass off looking all of them up. Such memories. ♥



If someone wants to start a chat soon, go right ahead. (It's after 8 EST.) I won't technically be "here" until after 9.

Hopefully I'll see ya 'round. XD

Dec. 4th, 2008

[22:02] frodo fingerz: i love the mac n cheese fic, in much the same way i love twilight

And in case you don't remember what the mac n cheese fic is...Collapse )
Don't forget about chat tonight!
[21:03] ohbilleh: oh hey this was Bana's comment on the screened post:
[21:03] ohbilleh: "GAY!OMG I SHOULD BE A MOD!!!!!!!!!"
[21:03] Mav:
[21:04] WhtLadyOfRohan21: haha
[21:04] ohbilleh: But for the record? Quickest way to get Bana OUT of the comm? Make her a mod.
[21:04] frodo fingerz: you should make her a mod with no mod powers
[21:04] solsticeviolet: ROFL
[21:04] WhtLadyOfRohan21: LOL
[21:04] solsticeviolet: this is true mandeh
[21:04] solsticeviolet: HAHA
[21:04] ohbilleh: LOL. She can be like our mod mascot.
[21:04] solsticeviolet: she is a neutered mod.
[21:04] frodo fingerz: lmao


And now for srs biznss:

O HAI EVERYONE. We (the mods) have decided that we need to clean up our membership roster of dead LJs, people that have moved on, etc. This is just so that we have a better head count of who is here and the size of our community.

House Cleaning!

  • If you are still an active LiveJournal user and still wish to be a part of this community, please comment in this entry.

  • If you do not comment by MIDNIGHT EASTERN TIME (United States, -5 GMT) on Saturday, November 22nd 2008, you will be removed from the community. That's a week from today, folks.

  • Comments are screened.

We will try to post a reminder later in the week for everyone. We don't want to cut people who really are here. Thank you for your cooperation. Now, back to the lolz. :D